10 years ago Cintha van Heeswijck-Veeger initiated ARTZUID, a world-class outdoor sculpture biennial. The exhibition takes place every 2 years in the monumental Art-Deco district in Amsterdam, designed in 1917 by Hendrik P. Berlage.

ARTZUID sculpture route starts at Station Zuid and stretches along the Minervalaan, the Apollolaan and finally up to the Rijksmuseum on the Museumplein.

Over a period of 4 months, 60 sculptures of established and emerging artists form an eye-catching spectacle. The biennial is attended by the average number of visitors of almost 400, 000.

ARTZUID 2019 takes place from 17th May to 15th September. We created dynamic sections for group exhibitions, solo presentations and site-specific installations. A limited number of galleries are invited to cooperate and send in proposals.

'Firm fixture on the international art circuit'

Mr. E.E. van der Laan, former mayor of Amsterdam